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Home Remedies for Viral Fever

All over the world thousands of people suffer from viral fever. This affects the children more than the teenagers and adults. When there is a viral infection and that resulted to fever it is termed as viral fever. The main symptom is high body temperature with body ache. Other symptoms include dehydration, loss of appetite, shivering, sweating, headache and severe weakness. In case of children these symptoms are added with sore throat, redness in eyes and fatigue. In all these cases home remedies for viral fever can be applied if the case is not that acute.

Viral fever is one ailment which has no cure. The viral infection runs its course and only then subsides. Viral fever is the elevation of body temperature due to some viral infection. Headache, body ache, cough, nasal congestion and skin rashes are some of its common symptoms.

Viral fever is a very common ailment and in most cases it's cured within 3-7 days. However it's contagious and thus, a lot of precautions need to be taken to prevent it from spreading. As soon as a person is diagnosed with viral fever, he immediately shifts to antibiotics for quick recovery. But these antibiotics and other over the counter medicines come with their own set of side effects. Popping a pill may seem like an easy option, but natural home remedies are always safer and long lasting.

Both adults and children are suggested to avail home remedies for viral fever. Instead of using antibiotics application of home remedies proved to be more effective. During high fever an ice pack or a cold compress can be given on the forehead to reduce the temperature. Soaking in warm water 2 to 3 times a day helps a lot. Light cotton dresses are to be used to avoid skin rashes. Lots of fluids like fruit juice, water, hot soup and tea are to be taken during the fever. Foods should be taken more in a boiled state rather than spicy and oily.

There is no specific treatment for the viral fever. The infection takes its own course and eventually the fever subsides. This fever weakens the body and optimum rest has to be taken during and after the fever. Home remedies for viral fever helps you to fight with the infection without any side effects. If there is a cough with the fever gargling with salt water and sucking on something sweet will moisten the throat and subside the cough to some extent. A warm mixture of honey and ginger also helps a lot.

During the fever the environment of the patients' room should be cool and undisturbed. Margosa leaves are natural antiviral which can be kept in the patients' room. A warm foot bath is also recommended as it is good for the immune system and it gives a good feeling. This fever generally happens when there is loss of water in the body. Home remedies for viral fever are very helpful to get rid of the side effects of the fever. A drink made up of powdered dry fenugreek seeds along with a drop of butter works like magic. This helps to reduce the body aches. Light cooked foods boost the immune system. In viral fever it is strongly recommended not to consume milk if diarrhea is accompanied with fever. Soup made up of raw garlic and onion is used widely on home remedies for viral fever. A mixture of honey, lime juice and brandy is recommended to consume four times daily. The vitamin C in the lime helps in increasing the resistance of the body and helps in reducing the illness. In case of diarrhea a pinch of pepper in the tea helps to cure. Lukewarm orange juice acts as an energy booster if consumed during the fever. This washes out the body toxin without any artificial treatment.

Simple home remedies like drinking a mixture of ginger juice and honey helps in speedy recovery of viral fever. Similarly, drinking juice made out of sweet basil leaves twice or thrice a day is beneficial. You can also boil 2 to 3 tablespoon of dry roasted fenugreek seeds, strain the water and add a drop of clarified butter to it in order to cure viral fever.

Some people drink linden tea prepared by boiling 1 tablespoon of linden flower in 1 cup of water to cure viral fever. Brew willow bark tea also helps to a great extent. Willow bark is said to have some aspirin related compound, thus, it works well in this case.

When diagnosed with viral fever, one must take all possible precautions and steps to prevent it from aggravating. It's very important to keep hands sanitized by washing them regularly with medicated soap to avoid spreading infection. Also gargling with salt and water is helpful, as it helps cure cough and throat related problems. Try using vaporizer in this situation as it soothes both cough and cold. One can also use margosa leaves which act as a natural antiviral and prevent the spread of infection.

During viral fever, it's very common that the patient loses his appetite. But in this situation, it's very important to take fluid diet and food rich in vitamins and minerals. Apricot juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey or glucose supplements the body with required minerals and vitamins. Also, you can take grapefruit juice. The extract of raisins is also valuable in case of viral fever.

Tulsi leaves when chewed directly or taken in water or tea works wonderfully in this case. Make sure you drink boiled water. When suffering from viral fever, always consume clean and fresh fruits and vegetables. Always consume home cooked food to prevent the problem from increasing. You can also take a spoonful of honey mixed with ginger syrup after every meal to cure viral fever.

Viral fevers are most prevalent during change of season. During change in temperature, people's resistance to viral infections decreases and this leads to viral fever. Thus, one should be extra cautious during this period. By making use of natural remedies one can not only cure viral fever but also prevent it in situations of low immunity.

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