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Home Remedy for Chest pain

Chest pain is defined as a feeling of discomfort between the neck and the upper part of the abdomen. A feeling of tightness and stiffness occurs and it is not always due to the heart problem. A chest pain may have various causes. Symptoms of this pain may be mild sometimes and it may be severe and life taking. Heart disorder or increase of cholesterol level can also result to chest pain. In case of the problem in heart chest pain is the basic symptom for heart attack. It is better to go for home remedies for chest pain which also includes the prevention for the same.

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Chest pain is a common but confusing problem. It has different reasons which at times can be non- serious and at times can be life threatening. A common simple cause of chest pain can be muscle spasm, strain in muscle and ligament due to unusual bending or over-breathing. Inflammation of the rib joints is another reason. Pain in the chest can also be experienced as result of lung diseases like pleurisy and pneumonia. Hyperacidity, stomach ulcers or psychological anxiety can also be the reasons. But there can be some serious reasons for chest pain too like angina and heart attack. Therefore, chest pain should never be ignored or taken lightly.

There are different home remedies for chest pain as there are numerous causes for the pain. The most common is the pain for the cardiac attack which can be fatal. Consumption of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits are very essential to avoid chest pain due to cardiac problem. Intake of fast food has to be avoided as these help in deposition of fat and cholesterol in the blood. To get rid of cardiac disorder exercises and morning walk is of high importance. If garlic is consumed with milk it is very helpful for restricting the cardiac pain.
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Among other home remedies for chest pain cucumber and banana work wonders. Usage of milk with low fat, avoiding red-meat and discarding the products like butter, ghee, palm oil and coconut oil the chances of cardiac chest pain can be taken care of. Mustard oil, olives, peanuts are responsible for prevention of blood clots. It is better to consume this while cooking. Omega-3 is something essential in our diet to prevent the attack of chest pain. Daily consumption of salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, soya bean, walnuts and butternuts in small amount reduces the chance of cardiac pain.

The cholesterol intake per day should be not more than 300 mg which is totally available from the non-vegetarian part of the diet. High fatty foods should be avoided and alternatives like chicken, beans, cereals, millet and other foods rich in carbohydrate. In home remedies for chest pain the most important task is to maintain the balanced dietary habits. Intake of pounded dates with the seed is also very effective. Increase of lime in the diet decreases the risk of cardiac attack. Consuming ginger and basil juice with honey is also effective for pain in the chest.

Some other causes for the chest pain are croup, lung cancer, pulmonary edema, gastroeasophageal problem, cystic fibrosis etc. Home remedies for chest pain is highly effective if the pain is a result of lung disease. Gargling of saline solutions, chewing black pepper, massaging the chest with oil and intake of lukewarm fluid will reduce the problem. Yoga and aromatherapy also plays an important role to keep the aside the problem of chest pain. The patients suffering from chest pain require proper attention and prompt action. It is wise to change the food habit and avoid unhealthy lifestyle to keep the chest pain away.

When the chest pain is due to angina or any cardiac issue, immediate medical help should be taken, but in cases which are less serious, some home remedies can help cause relief. One such remedy is boiling 4-5 pods of garlic in a glass of milk and consuming it. Another remedy is to take a spoon of basil juice with honey, empty stomach. Honeydew with grape, watermelon and milk also helps reduce chest pain. Drinking coconut juice and increasing the intake of ginger and lime in diet also helps aid chest pain.

Alfalfa juice serves as a good home remedy for chest pain. It contains significant amount of chlorophyll that would help manage many lung related diseases. Alfalfa extract also softens the arteries and reduces chances of cardiac pain. When suffering from chest pain, if one takes hibiscus tea it can be of great help. Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C and minerals. Also it acts as an antioxidant and decreases the amount of fat in the arteries thereby reducing the chance of chest pain.

When the chest pain is due to gastric disorder then having soda helps in belching and burping which relives chest pain. You can also take asafoetida in a glass of buttermilk; it helps relive gas and consequently chest pain. Also by taking simple steps like chewing food properly, avoiding overeating, aerated drinks and gassy foods like potato, beans, cabbage etc. one can prevent gastric chest pain.

Sometimes the chest pain is caused due to acid reflux. In this case aloe-vera or apple cider vinegar proves beneficial. Drinking the scrape of Aloe-Vera in water or having apple cider in hot water with one-eighth baking soda serves as a great remedy.

Chest pain can be avoided to a great extent by making some changes in your lifestyle. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintaining a balanced and nutritional diet is very important. One should avoid fast food, smoking, and limit the intake of alcohol. Regular exercise, meditation and morning walks are all very effective in combating any kind of chest pain. Reducing stress, strenuous activities and maintaining controlled weight is also very important.

No problem is difficult to handle, what is required is the will to overcome it. By following a good healthy lifestyle, you can secure yourself from the traumas of chronic health issue of chest pain and lead a healthy and happy life.

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